Abdelilah LBARDI

Quick introduction about me

A builder and automator by nature. I see every problem as a challenge, every mistake as a lesson and every weakness as an improvement opportunity. I believe that simplicity is complexity, well solved. I have a good sense of humour and like to meet new people and know about them. I like to make music, discover and practice different sports.


  • PHP 7.*
  • Laravel 5.*
  • ES6+
  • VueJS
  • SPA
  • Tailwind css
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • HTML - CSS - JS
  • Laravel Nova
  • Laravel Forge


  • Senior web developer @PromoNetwork
  • Senior web developer @M-SHULE
  • Business Analyst @Amazon
  • Founder & CEO @GAMMA
  • Web developer @lapost Maroc
  • Web developer @218Labs

Other interests

  • Shopify Apps Development.
  • Written & video recorded tutorials.
  • Open source contribution. @AbdelilahLbardi
  • Music production @bardi-music
  • Vlogging.
  • Saas.